Registration will be at Shop 1, Moses Mabhida Stadium Retail Area (The old Keg). Parking: Underground (access from the road between Moses Mabhida Stadium and Kings Park)
Registration times are as follows:
Friday 28 April 10h00 - 18h00
Saturday 29 April 10h00 - 17h00.

Late Entries will be accepted at Registration on Friday and Saturday only. No entries on race day.


The venue has a fully equipped kid's zone and playground, as well as a coffee shop and ample parking. Parking will be on the open area opposite the People's Park - there will be a parking fee.

Start Times

All batching and start times will be confirmed prior to registration.
105km: T.B.C.
55km: T.B.C.
45km: T.B.C.
No late arrivals will be allowed onto the route and any cyclist without an official race number will be removed.

PLEASE NOTE: Cyclists riding without race numbers will not have access to Medical Services provided by the race organisers.

Venue Access

Please ensure that on the day you travel to the venue via the Suncoast Casino precinct to ensure that road closure does not affect your journey. Exact details of road closures will be loaded up as soon as possible.


Timing & Results

The 2017 aQuelle Tour Durban will be timed by RaceTec. All riders wanting an official time and position will require a RaceTec Timing Chip. If you wish to purchase a chip in advance, please CLICK HERE

The results of the race can be found on the RaceTec website. Any disputes must be tabled not later than 30mins after finishing to the CSA officials situated at the finish line. Payment of R100 is required and is refundable once the dispute has been clarified. No results will be added after the event.

Disabled Cyclist Access

Disabled cyclists requiring vehicle access to the Stadium Start area will require an Access Pass. Please contact Stu Berry to arrange an Access Pass.

Cut Off Times

It is important that every riders knows and understands how the cut-off times work on race day. To ensure your safety and the smooth operation of the road closure management plan, these cut-off times will be strictly enforced. In reality they will not be an issue for any riders that had done the training, but to be sure that everyone is aware, the cut-off times that will be enforced are:
Cut off 1 - 10h00 at the 45km mark
Cut off 2 - 12h30 at the 85km mark


Parking is available in the parking lot opposite the People's Park and Kings Park Swimming Pool. There will be a parking fee.

Access to the parking will be from Argyle Road turning onto Battery Beach Road past Suncoast main entrance and left under the M4 bridge to the parking area opposite Kings Park via Suncoast Casino.

Access from the North will via Northway onto Athlone Drive to Blue Lagoon and along Snell Parade towards Suncoast, turning right at the circle just before Suncoast under the M4 to the parking opposite Kings Park Swimming Pool.

Riders will have to either cross the steel bridge across NMR to access the start area, or use the ramp access from Moses Mabhida from the Virgin Active side.


Seeding will be done based on your national seeding index with RaceTec and in line with your racing categories

Cycling Clubs

Cycling Clubs are invited to setup a club area. All requests need to be mailed to Stu Berry

Water Tables

There will be 4 water tables on route that will provide Hydration and some snacks. Riders are requested to ensure that they ride with a water bottle as well. If you want any refreshments at the stations, please slow down and stop. Trying to take on refreshments while riding is a hazard to your fellow cyclists and is not permitted.

The water tables are at the following points:

Water Table 1: Top of the M7 - approximately 27 km from the Start

Water Table 2: Riverside Road, shortly before you get on to the M4 approximately 48km from the start

Water Table 3: Umhlanga Rocks Off Ramp heading north on the M4 - approximately 59 km from the start

Water Table 4: Just after Umhlanga Rock Off Ramp heading south on the M4 approximately 85km from the start.

Finish - Refreshments will be available


EMRS have a full medical setup in place throughout the route. Emergency numbers will be on your race numbers in case you need to contact anyone.


Marshals on the route are there to manage traffic and not to direct you. Please be courteous and obey instructions. Police will be in attendance and cyclists must obey any instructions and give them right of way should they need access to the route.

Mechanic Service

CycleSphere will be providing support on route to all cyclists. Should you require any aid, please call Greg on 083 555 7216 and he will assist with technical items. Provide your race number and they will then follow up with payment post-race

Road Closures & Safety

Thanks to the City of Durban, we have full road closure and 3 monitored crossing points. Please ensure that you are alert at all times. As with the nature of events such as this, there will be someone who ignores the road closure and moves fencing and cones to get onto the route with a vehicle. Please allow official vehicles to pass you should they need to. Please obey traffic regulations and all traffic authorities.

Please note the following approximate road closures will be in force on race day:

Masabalala Yengwa (NMR) - 05h30 - 14h30
Margaret Mncadi Avenue - 05h30 - 08h00
M4 South - 05h30 - 08h30
M7 Edwin Swales & M19 to Pinetown - 06h00 - 09h30
M19 Pinetown to Umgeni Road - 06h15 - 10h00
Inanda Road (Springfield Park) - 06h30 - 10h15
Riverside Road - 06h30 - 10h30
M4 North both sides - 05h30 - 14h00



The Winner's Prize Money is for the first single bicycle across the finish line. We request that tandems do not disrupt the single bicycle's race.

Sweep Vehicle & Retiring from the Race

A sweep vehicle will follow behind the last rider on the course and pick up any rider that require assistance. Should you not be able to continue riding, you can get a lift with the sweep vehicle or preferably, stop at one of the watering table and you can leave your bike there if necessary.


Medals will be handed out to participants at the finish line after completing the race.


Jetline Action Photo will be on route taking photographs. If you would like your photo to be taken, please attach an Action Photo sticker to your help to help the photographers identify you.

Moses Mabhida Stadium & Peoples Park

Once you have finished you will be directed into the PEOPLE'S PARK where you are invited to relax and meet up with family and friends to enjoy the great race day atmosphere.

Race Instructions

Click on the icon on the left to Download the Race Instructions.